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No business should be without a website.

An accurate, up-t0-date website that represents yours organization, its employees, and the clients you want to attract is crucial in every business market today. A website is your calling card in the virtual world and most people make judgements about your business based on its web presence and activity.

Web design and development is more important than ever.

With many years experience as a project manager for web development and information technology projects, I will help lead you through the design process from beginning to end. With a personal touch and clearly defined objectives, your small businesses and/or non-profit organization’s new website will help you  compete in today’s business market. I have worked with prepackaged sites like Godaddy to more advanced content management systems like WordPress, EzPublish, and Joomla. We can work together to find the right web solution for your business and budget.

Don’t forget your social media and marketing strategies.

Social media is not as scary or overwhelming as you may think. With a clear idea of your audience and business direction, along with your website, I can help you define and carry out a social media and marketing strategy for your small business. As a social media early adopter and trainer, I can teach you the tools you need, how to use it, and integrate it with your new web presence.

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